Blockchain platform for freelancers

Flex Work Coin is a transparent and open platform for freelancers, striving to increase trust between customers and contractors.
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About Flex Work Coin

Flex Work is a transparent and open platform for freelancers, striving to increase trust between customers and contractors, as well as providing mutually beneficial conditions for cooperation. Thanks to the blockchain, the Flex Work platform eliminates intermediaries, which are centralized sites that establish their own contract terms, oriented to obtaining their own profit.

The main payment tool is the Flex Work cryptocurrency. Coins are designed to pay freelancers, platform fees, as well as to pay for access to premium platform functions. Own payment system within the platform makes it easy to buy or convert Flex Work coins into fiat and other cryptocurrencies.

Integrating blockchain technology, Flex Work aims to solve current problems with unscrupulous customers and non-professional contractors. FleWork allows to interact with customers and freelancers directly, ensuring complete fairness and security of transactions. And low fees and special conditions of contracts will allow freelancers to increase their income.

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Block Time1 minute
Maturity99 blocks
RewardsMN - 75%
Staking age2 hours
MN Collateral1000
Premine140 000
Total Supply21 000 000


1 - 17600 17601 - 199000 >1990001


Interaction between the participants of the platform is provided by Flex Work coins, which can be converted without any problems into other cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Blockchain provides transparency and security of all transactions within the platform, which allows to reduce costs and involve a minimum of personnel to ensure the operation of the platform. Due to this, customers will receive lower prices for services in comparison with traditional sites for freelancers, and contractors will increase their income due to more favorable terms of contracts.


The new Flex Work model allows you to process a large number of transactions without using large computing powers. The platform can be scaled up with new participants, which support the system with the PoS engine and the master. This will increase the bandwidth of the platform, and commissions for transactions will remain minimal.


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  • Launch of the Flex Work core network
  • Release of the wallet
  • Launch of the Website and the block explorer
  • Coin Pre-Sale
  • Listing on exchanges
  • White Paper release
  • Bounty Program start
  • Web wallet release
  • Platform's beta version release
  • Release of the full version of the product
  • Release of apps for iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Expansion of the platform functionality: the ability to add video courses, to sell of works from the portfolio, etc.
  • Listing on major cryptoexchanges
  • Launching a marketing campaign for partners to increase brand awareness
  • 50,000 active platform users